The hunt includes 1 buck with a main beam length under 27" and one doe. For a buck with a main beam length over 27" a $1000 trophy fee applies.

Axis deer are found on the Island of Molokai.  They are completely free range and they are incredibly wary animals that spook easily.  Our mainland hunters tell us they're like whitetail deer on crack.  They can be hunted with archery equipment out of a tree stand or spot and stalk with a rifle. 

Trophy Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian Sheep-$1500

Game Animals:

Vancouver bulls are similar to the Scrub bulls found in Australia.  They were introduced to Hawaii by British Admiral George Vancouver in 1790.  The descendants of these animals animals have been living wild in the dense pockets of rainforest on Mauna Loa ever since. Vancouver bulls are Hawaii's dangerous gameWounded bulls have been known to charge, and guides accompany both archery and rifle hunters with a 12 gauge slug gun in hand. Trophy bulls can weigh well over 1000 pounds.

​Price is $1000 per day with $750 harvest fee.

​Meat Hunts for wild cows are available for $850

Rio Grande Turkey-$800.

Axis Deer-$2500

Hawaii Island boasts some of the best turkey hunting in America. There are plenty of gobblers and some amazing country to hunt in. Hunters consistently take long beards with archery or shotgun. The Turkey Season is November - January  and March 1st - April 15. We call them in over decoys and do spot and stalk.  Price is per day.

We also offer a two-day hunt for $1500 (limit two birds)

Wild Boar-$900.

Vancouver Bulls-$1750

​Wild Boar is the classic Hawaiian Game animal.  These hogs were brought to the Islands by the early Polynesians settlers thousands of years ago, and have earned their place in history. Boars and sows can be hunted using archery, rifle or.  Because they are nocturnal, Boars are usually hunted in the late evening or early morning.  Trophy Boars can weigh up to 200+ pounds and wield 2 to 5 inch tusks. ​Price is for a 2 day hunt. 

Wild Boar can also be hunted in the traditional Dog and Knife style for $1400.

Mouflon Sheep-$3500

Overnight hunts are based out of a cabin at 6,000 feet elevation on Mauna Loa Volcano.  It's in a prime location in the middle of some of the best hunting country on the Big Island.    The package includes two and a half days and two nights, animal fees for feral sheep, wild boar and Vancouver bulls, all meals, and use of ATV's. An additional harvest fee of $2500 is required for a mouflon ram.  

Please give us a call and we can design an overnight hunting package priced to target the animals you want.
Kona Hawaii offers some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. Giant marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, and ono (wahoo) are all possible out here. Half day charters are $700 and 3/4 day is $800. 

Give us a call and we can build a hunting and fishing combo for you.  

Full Day Charter Fishing-$1000

Spanish Goats are hunted in rough terrain in some remote and Beautiful parts of the Big Island. Goats are primarily active first thing in the morning, and bed down in the heat of the day. Our goat hunt offers two mornings of hunting cutting out when the goats are no longer moving.  Goats can be hunted with a rifle or archery equipment, using spot and stalk techniques.

Overnight Hunt-$5000

Spanish Goat-$1250

Purebred Mouflon Sheep are considered the most highly prized game mammal on the Island of Hawaii.  They live in rough lava flows at high elevation on the slope of Mauna Loa volcanoe. Nahele Outfitters offers one of the last opportunities to hunt trophy free range mouflon rams on the Big Island. We manage the population very closely and offer a limited number of hunts per year to ensure maximum opportunities for our hunters.

A 3 day 2 night hunt with lodging and meals is $5800 

One day hunts are available  for  $1000 per day with a $2500 harvest fee.

Black Hawaiian Sheep and mouflon hybrid sheep also live in high elevations on the slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes in some of the most beautiful upland forests that Hawaii has to offer.  Sheep can be hunted with a rifle or archery equipment, using spot and stalk techniques.

Standard Package: $1000 per day with $500 Harvest Fee

Trophy Package: $1500 per day

Gold Medal (32 inches plus) Harvest Fee $1,500
Trophy (28 – 32 inches): Harvest Fee $1,000
Less than trophy ram: Harvest Fee $500