Forget about the resort luau and prepare a feast in a traditional underground oven (imu) for your family and friends.  Spend one day hunting for the pig, one day fishing, and one day learning the traditional cooking techniques.   Then, invite your guests down to our ocean side venue for the feast.  

The Kona and Kohala Coasts of Hawaii Island offers some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. Giant marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, and ono (wahoo) are all possible out here. We can offer a customized day on the water that targets your needs, whether that means patrolling the deep blue for trophy game fish or cruzing the coastline and dropping for bottom fish.

Half day charters are $700 and 3/4 day is $800. 

Give us a call and we can customize your day on the water 

Bird Watching-$700 (up to 4 people)

Archaeological Sites Tour- $700 (up to 4 people)

Hiking Trips- half day $800 Full day $1500 (up to 4 people)

Shoreline Fishing-$600 day trip and $2000 overnight 

The remote forested slopes of Mauna Loa volcano offer some of the best bird watching opportunities in the state of Hawaii. Dense tropical rainforests give way to sub-alpine scrub brush at higher elevation and provide a huge variation in climate and environment which allows for a tremendous diversity in bird life. The upper reaches of the South Kona forests are home to multiple rare and endemic species such as the `Io, Akepa, I`iwi, Elepaio, Pueo, and Amakihi. This area was also one of the lat know sightings of the critically endangered Hawaiian Crow in the wild.

Bird watching tours last approximately 6hrs. Pick up and drop off is available for guests in the Kona coast area.

Camping Trips-$1000

Guided Adventure Tours: 

Kayak Fishing-$600 per person

Traditional Luau-$3000

OffShore Fishing-$1000

We have two amazing camp sites, one located at 6,000 feet in koa forests of mauna loa, and one located right on the ocean.  These spots are the perfect location to escape the crowds and spend time in nature.  Spend your days hiking, swimming, fishing, diving, hunting, bird watching, and just plain relaxing.

Want to combine the camping trips with other activities? Great, we can build a custom getaway for you that includes all meals and gear.  Pick up and drop off is available for guests in the Kona coast area
Deep water close to shore allows for Kayak fishermen to go after the same pelagic fish species such as tuna, mahi mahi, and ono (wahoo) that  would be targeted by a charter boat.  The kayak is  a great way to fish for bluefin (omilu) giant trevally (ulua) and a variety of other nearshore game fish.  It also provides a great view of the Hawaii's unique coast line. ‚Äč

Kayak fishing trips are 6hrs, pick up and drop off is available for guests in the Kona coast area. All gear and tackle is provided.

The archaeological sites in Hawaii have a tremendous amount of historic and cultural significance to the Hawaiian People. We offer a chance to explore some incredible sites and learn about the history of Hawaii. Our guides are archaeologically trained and very culturally sensitive. We hope that our guests can appreciate the sacred nature of these sites and gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Hawaiian people who created them.

Archaeological sites tour lasts approximately 6hrs. Pick up and drop off is available for guests in the Kona coast area.

We offer guided hiking tours way off of the beaten path in some of the most remote parts of the Big Island. We have exclusive access to private ranches that run from 10,000 ft. elevation to sea level, where you will be immersed in nature and not surrounded by other tour groups.

We offer either coastline explorations or mountain adventures that can be explored on a half day tour or explore both on a full day tour.  Half Day tours are from 8am -2pm and include a boxed lunch and full day tours run from 8am to 8pm include lunch and sunset cook out.

In addition to deep sea fishing the Island of Hawaii has some of the amazing shoreline fishing.  We generally target bluefin trevally (omilu) and giant trevally (ulua) among a variety of other nearshore game fish.  Day trips usually center around hiking the coast line and whipping top water plugs or catching and fishing with live bait.  

Overnight trips are available to target Giant Trevally (ulua) using the unique slide bait technique.  Our Fishing grounds are isolated and very productive.  All gear and tackle is provided.

Day trips are 6hrs, pick up and drop off is available for guests in the Kona coast area. Give us a call and we can customize your trip.